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BEWARE: FLASHING IMAGES at 35 to 45 seconds of the Video.

The Jack The Ripper Tour £12


The story of the world's most infamous serial killer, visiting actual crime scenes

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From outside Aldgate Tube Station on Mondays 7 pm, Wednesdays 7 pm, Fridays 7 pm and 7.30 pm, Saturdays 7 pm & Sundays 6 pm and 7 pm. Finishes close to Aldgate station. Duration: 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Adult topics are covered in the tour and you will see crime scene and mortuary photographs of the victims. Not suitable for under 16s. The tour is suitable for assisted wheelchair users.

The full Jack The Ripper story including the Whitechapel murders and murder locations. World famous pubs that The Ripper and his victims drank in. Follow the sequence of murders, the investigation, and the victims' stories. Learn about the suspects and use your own detective skills to solve the crimes as we take you through a journey into the depths of London's old East End.

Our expert Ripperologist tour guides will give you an in-depth view and analysis of the social conditions that the victims endured and expert opinion and knowledge about the possible motives for the murders, the suspects, and the police investigation.

This is a truly gripping and chilling tour that will shake you to the very core and in which you will also learn so much more about London's Victorian East End and what a volatile and dangerous place it used to be.

The Jack The Ripper Murders remain unsolved more than 130 years after he wreaked havoc and mayhem in the back streets of London's East End. Will you be any closer to establishing who The Ripper really was after taking the tour?........ or will you just have nightmares!

Tour features and highlights;

  • Professional expert Ripperologist tour guide giving you a full commentary.
  • An extensive picture guide showing crime scene and mortuary photographs of the victims.
  • Standing on spots where the victims' bodies were found.
  • 18th and 19th-century pubs and churches that the victims drank in and took refuge in.
  • Original cobblestoned back streets.

Recent reviews of the tour;

"An amazing tour, lots of facts and drama and the scare factor was just brilliant."

"The tour was so much fun! Our tour guide knew so much about Jack the Ripper and was really passionate about the subject. Learned loads of stuff and will definitely be coming back for another one of their horror tours."

(For private tour inquiries please contact us using the Contact Us Tab on the Menu at the top of the page.)

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